Tensile vs. Vertical: Everything You Need to Know About Dealing with a Tensile or Vertical Awnings Manufacturer and Installer in Kolkata  

vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata

Do you love the warm weather but hate being out in the scorching sun? Do you love the monsoon breeze but don’t want to risk getting your furniture wet? A tensile or vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata can help you enjoy the best of both worlds.   

When the sun is too bright, you can extend your vertical or tensile awning to create a shaded retreat. Or, when it’s chill outside and not raining, you can retract it to enjoy the breeze. 

Both tensile and vertical awnings are versatile, classy, and easy to use. But which one is better and offers better value in the long run? To answer this question, let’s investigate the leading tensile and vertical awnings manufacturers and installers in Kolkata and assess the key features of their products. 

Vertical vs. Tensile Awnings Manufacturer and Installer in Kolkata

vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata will specialize in selling retractable vertical awnings that hang vertically from a frame. They don’t project out horizontally. Like all retractable awnings, vertical awnings can effortlessly retract. 

  • One touch of a button and your vertical awnings will draw shade over your backyard to protect it from the scorching sun. 
  • It can also retract if you wish to enjoy the sun. 
  • Vertical awnings can cover vertical structures like windows and doors. 
  • They are made of hard fabric, PVC, or metal for outdoor use. 

tensile awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata will specialize in selling tensile awnings. These awnings have super-flexible and ultra-stretched fabric membranes. These flexible and stretchable membranes can extend over frames of cables or beams to create eye-catching three-dimensional forms. 

  • These awnings are called “tensile” because they pack a lot of tension. You can release the tension with one push of a button to create an extended, 3D-shaped shaded retreat. 
  • If you push the button again, the flexible and stretchable membranes will return to their “tense” state and resume their original size/shape. 
  • In other words, tensile awnings can be extended to create varied shapes/sizes. 
  • Just like vertical awnings, they offer shade, shelter, and privacy. But, unlike vertical awnings, they can be used to create varied creative, three-dimensional shapes and sizes. 

Here’s a simple breakdown of the vital features of tensile and vertical awnings:

Key FeatureTensile AwningsVertical Awnings
DesignThree-dimensional shapes and sizes.Vertical panels that hang upside down from a fixed frame.
MaterialsLightweight, durable, and stretchable fabrics, like PTFE-Coated Fiberglass Fabric (Teflon-Coated Fiberglass), PVC-Coated Polyester Fabric, Silicone-Coated Glass Fabric, Mesh Fabrics, and Coated Nylon Fabric.More durable, UV-resistant fabrics like Sunbrella Fabric, Acrylic Fabric, Polyester Fabric with PVC Coating, Olefin Fabric, and Vinyl Fabric.
Key BenefitsDurable, versatile, and extremely aesthetically pleasing.More focused on delivering sun protection, privacy, and all-round weather protection.
Common UsesBalconies, patios, decks, porches, public spaces, outdoor events, and commercial spaces.Windows, doors, backyards, decks, poolside, hot tub areas, porches, and balconies.

Now you have a basic idea of the products tensile and vertical awnings manufacturers and installers in Kolkata sell. Let us find out which one is better suited for your property.

Vertical vs Tensile Awnings: Which One is Better?

To choose the right type of awning, consider various factors, including your specific requirements and budget. Answer the following questions to determine which is better for your property: vertical or tensile awnings.

Do You Want Your Awnings to Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

Go for tensile awnings if you want your awnings to be aesthetically pleasing. Tensile awnings are loved by every wedding and event tents installer in Kolkata because they are aesthetically pleasing and can instantly enhance the look of an outdoor space.

If you want your property to look like a classy party house at all times, choose a set of tensile awnings that complement the exterior design and decor. These flexible awnings will help you deliver “style statements” that make your property stand out.

Do you want your awnings to be budget-friendly?

Vertical awnings are less expensive and easier to maintain than tensile awnings. If you purely need shade and protection from the elements and don’t care as much about aesthetics, consider enclosing your balcony, porch, or outdoor seating areas with low-cost vertical awnings.

Are you installing the awnings on your own?

Unless you’re working with the best interior designer in Kolkata, there will be trouble installing tensile awnings. Installing these awnings requires specialized skills and equipment. Only a professional installer can ensure that your tensile awnings are properly anchored and stable. 

While vertical awnings may not offer the same level of aesthetic appeal and design flexibility as tensile awnings, they come with simple mounting mechanisms which make them easy to install.

Have you decided which type of awnings is better for your property this year? If you’re still confused, team up with Iron Mart, the leading tensile and vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. We sell both tensile and vertical awnings and can provide personalized guidance on the matter! 

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