PVDF Coated Fabrics

Get a brand-new, cutting-edge material that can give your property maximum protection from outdoor elements.
Make your shading structures stronger from the inside. Use PVDF-coated fabrics to create shading & protective structures with enhanced, UV, mold, fire, & water resistance for your property. From residential awnings to factory equipment covers, Iron Mart’s custom PVDF-coated fabrics are used in a number of important applications.


Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF is a relatively new coating agent in the market. It’s used to manufacture malleable, yet ultra-durable plastic materials. These materials are then used to create high-quality shading & protective structures.
Being the leading fabrics installer in West Bengal, Iron Mart is proud to introduce this unique product to the local market.
We supply custom-sized PVDF-coated fabric products & sheets. Our customers use these ultra-durable fabrics to make tents, awnings, tarpaulins for transport, pitch covers at construction sites, & protective shading systems.

Design Features

Our expert fabric designers can create custom-sized PVDF-coated fabric products & sheets for your requirement. You give us your shape, size, & usage requirements. We’ll manufacture your PVDF-coated fabric products & even help you install them.
That’s why we’re able to source high-grade PVDF coatings that contain 38% carbon, 59% fluorine, & 3% hydrogen. Thanks to this unique makeup our PVDF-coated fabrics offer:

  • Maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays. PVDF coatings are impermeable to both UVA & UVB radiation.
  • PVDF coatings make these fabrics flame-retardant.
  • Chemical resistance. Our fabrics can handle chemical exposure, age-related decays, & fungal or algae infestations for several years.
  • These fabrics are very easy to wash & reuse.
  • The malleable nature of PVDF-coated fabrics makes them easy to use in a range of applications & locations.
  • Our PVDF-coated fabrics can be used to cover old, metal equipment. These heavy-duty fabrics will keep your metal products corrosion free.
Why Iron Mart?

We source, manufacture, & supply our own fabrics. That’s why we can handle orders of all sizes & requirements. Our expert design team guarantees quality & durability down to the last thread of our fabrics.
We aim to be your only fabrics manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. Call or email us now to discuss your requirements. We’ll create the exact PVDF-coated fabric product or solution you need!

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