Drop Arm Awnings

Elegant, versatile, convenient, and classy drop arm awnings can effectively protect and beautify your property.

These awnings can combat the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. They will also boost your property’s overall aesthetic appeal. They can be installed in verandahs, patios, doorways, & other outdoor spaces.


Drop arm awnings are modernized versions of traditional retractable awnings. Unlike regular retractable awnings, these awnings pivot on extruded arms. That means you can adjust their angles to gain precise control over how much sunlight enters your property. Iron Mart is proud to be one of the few Drop Arm awnings manufacturers and installers in Kolkata to offer these innovative shading solutions.

Design Features

As the most highly-rated Drop Arm awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we’re famous for providing awnings with ultra-durable fabrics. We do the same for our drop arm awnings.

  • The fabrics used in our drop arm awnings are designed to withstand the harsh Indian climate. These awnings are water & UV-resistant so they can be used all year long.
  • All the hard, metal components found in our drop arm awnings have been engineered to be rust-resistant. They work smoothly for several years without requiring any major maintenance.
  • Our latest batch of drop arm awnings are designed to reduce your property’s energy bills. They’ll keep your property cool in the summer & reduce your need of air conditioning.
Why Iron Mart?

Iron Mart has consistently been the top drop arm awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal because our products are long-lasting. Once we install drop arm awnings on your property, they’ll function effectively for several years.

If your property needs cost-effective weather protection, team up with the best Drop Arm awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal today. We’ll design, manufacture, & install the perfect drop arm awnings for your commercial/residential property in no time. Call us now!

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