Basket Awnings

Customize your building’s windows and façade with decorative and UV-resistant basket awnings.

Get instant protection from the sun by installing premium-grade basket awnings outside your building’s windows or façade. Our stunningly designed basket awnings can be customized & installed in any outdoor space.


Does your building look plain & dull from the outside? Allow Iron Mart, the leading Basket awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata to help you out. We provide premium-grade basket awnings that can instantly enhance the look of your building from the outside.

Design Features

Our basket awnings have distinct shapes and volumes. They can even be custom-printed with text & designs and used as advertising tools. More importantly, our basket awnings are made of high-grade, UV-resistant fabrics.

  • We are the most highly-rated Basket awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal because we use top-quality materials & components in our products. For our premium basket awnings, we use specially engineered fabrics that block harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • Once you install our basket awnings outside your property, you’ll receive maximum shade & cooling. These products will even help you save energy costs & keep your interior spaces cool.
  • All metal components in our basket awnings are powder-coated for rust prevention. Our fabrics are also designed to be rot, mildew, and water-resistant.
Why Iron Mart?

We’re the most highly-rated basket Basket awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. Our custom-designed basket awnings have been used by restaurant owners, storeowners, homeowners, & various other users all across the country.

Irrespective of your building size or special requirements, we can design, manufacture, & install the perfect basket awnings for your property. Allow us to transform your outdoor spaces into cool privacy spots. Once installed, our basket awnings require little to no maintenance.

Team up with the best Basket awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal today. Call us now to schedule an appointment!

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