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  • Canopies

    Fixed Canopy

    Receive lasting protection from the elements while adding a stylish touch to your property with a premium-grade fixed canopy.

    Fixed canopy systems have a fixed rigid frame & robust multi-rib cross sections. They’re designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. We can custom-create a premium-grade fixed canopy system for your property’s entryway or patio.


    Need to protect your property from harsh weather conditions? Installing a fixed canopy system can solve all your problems. These sturdy structures will add security, privacy, protection, & aesthetic appeal to your property. Team up with the best fixed canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata now to install a fixed canopy on your property.

    Design Features

    Being the leading fixed canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we’ve installed countless fixed canopies in residential & commercial spaces. We custom design our fixed canopy structures to ensure that they look great & function efficiently.

    • We can custom create & install a metal or polycarbonate canopy system outside your store. Use this structure to expand your store’s seating space & protect customers from the elements.
    • Our design team can customize your canopy system to ensure it suits your brand’s advertising and branding purposes.
    • Our fixed canopy systems are 100% weatherproof. They offer shade in the summer & complete protection during the wet months.
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  • Canopies

    Metal Canopy

    Receive instant shade & shelter from harsh weather conditions by installing these stunningly designed metal canopies on your property.

    Need a low-cost solution to all the weather damage your patios, windows or doorways experience throughout the year? Install these solid, metal canopy structures & you’ll never have to worry again. Our classic metal canopies will also beautify your property’s outdoor spaces.


    A custom metal canopy system is the best protection you can give your property against inclement weather conditions. Unlike fabric or glass canopies, metal canopies hold up much better against rain, heavy winds, & the sun’s UV rays. We’re the top Metal canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata because our canopy systems are functional, aesthetic, & long-lasting.

    Design Features

    Being the most highly-rated Metal canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we have a huge reputation to live up to. That’s why our metal canopies are coated with protective sealing which makes them extra durable. We can custom-create and install a solid metal canopy structure for your property’s patios, windows, or doorways.

    • Our canopy systems are highly resistant to the sun’s harmful UV rays. They’re also super-resistant against hail, wind, & flying debris.
    • Our canopy structures are made using robust, pre-painted steel panels. That’s why they maintain their aesthetic appeal, even after years of use.
    • Proper installation is key to making your metal canopy look & function exactly as you want. That’s why we provide full-scale installation services.
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  • Canopies

    Polycarbonate Canopy

    Every style of glass, at an amazing cost, aesthetic polycarbonate canopy systems offer superior safety.

    Housed in sturdy, rust-resistant metal frames, our water & UV-resistant polycarbonate canopy systems offer year-round protection from the elements. Polycarbonate canopies are lighter yet stronger than glass canopies. We can create a custom polycarbonate canopy system for you in no time.


    Want all the functional benefits of a classy glass or metal canopy system without spending much? Team up with the best polycarbonate canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata now. Our polycarbonate canopy systems offer all the functional benefits of an expensive glass or metal canopy system at a fraction of the cost.

    Design Features

    A custom-designed polycarbonate canopy system can be a very simple, cost-effective, yet transformative addition to your residential or commercial property. Being the leading polycarbonate canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we’ve supplied these structures to various residential & commercial property owners. Our polycarbonate canopies always stand out because:

    • We use polycarbonate sheets with high-impact resistance to create our canopies. These ultra-durable sheets are virtually unbreakable.
    • The polycarbonate we use comes pre-equipped with UV filters. Our polycarbonate canopies offer high UV protection. They can easily withstand UV exposure for 10 years or longer.
    • Our polycarbonate canopies have very low heat transmission. That means underneath these canopies, the temperature is always cool, even in the hot sunny weather. They’re also flame-retardant.
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  • Canopies

    Walkway Canopy

    Keep your building’s entryways, doorways, & sidewalks clean, weather-proof, & visually aesthetic at all times with custom walkway canopies.

    We manufacture and install premium-grade walkway canopy systems for schools, university campuses, restaurants, parks, and residential buildings. Our classy, sturdy, & weather-resistant walkway canopies are prefabricated to fit your requirements.


    Here at ironmart, we have been the most highly-rated Walkway canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata for several years. Our customized walkway canopy designs have helped many homes & business owners add style, security, & weather protection to their properties.

    Design Features

    If your property is a book, its entryway is the cover. Creating secure, weather-proof, & visually stunning walkways is a key responsibility of a property owner. Allow ironmart, the most reputable walkway canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata to help you in this endeavor.

    • We can create a customized, functional, & aesthetically pleasing walkway canopy system on your property.
    • We use premium-grade materials to create our clients’ walkway canopy systems. These systems are built to withstand decades of sun, rain, & wind damage.
    • Our design teams can custom-create a walkway canopy system to meet your specific application. Be it a straight sidewalk outside a residential property or a walkway with several branches and turns, we can create all types of walkway canopy systems.
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