Metal Canopy

Receive instant shade & shelter from harsh weather conditions by installing these stunningly designed metal canopies on your property.

Need a low-cost solution to all the weather damage your patios, windows or doorways experience throughout the year? Install these solid, metal canopy structures & you’ll never have to worry again. Our classic metal canopies will also beautify your property’s outdoor spaces.


A custom metal canopy system is the best protection you can give your property against inclement weather conditions. Unlike fabric or glass canopies, metal canopies hold up much better against rain, heavy winds, & the sun’s UV rays. We’re the top Metal canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata because our canopy systems are functional, aesthetic, & long-lasting.

Design Features

Being the most highly-rated Metal canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we have a huge reputation to live up to. That’s why our metal canopies are coated with protective sealing which makes them extra durable. We can custom-create and install a solid metal canopy structure for your property’s patios, windows, or doorways.

  • Our canopy systems are highly resistant to the sun’s harmful UV rays. They’re also super-resistant against hail, wind, & flying debris.
  • Our canopy structures are made using robust, pre-painted steel panels. That’s why they maintain their aesthetic appeal, even after years of use.
  • Proper installation is key to making your metal canopy look & function exactly as you want. That’s why we provide full-scale installation services.
Why Iron Mart?

For several years, we’ve held the title of being the best Metal canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, West Bengal. Throughout this journey, we’ve supplied premium-grade custom canopy systems to businesses & homeowners.

Team up with Iron Mart, the most reliable canopy manufacturer and installer in West Bengal now. We’ll give your residential or commercial property the shade, protection, & aesthetic boost it deserves.

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