PVC Coated Fabrics

Use heavy-duty, rip-resistant PVC fabrics to create fire-retardant shading structures, commercial-grade tents, & more.
Our PVC-coated fabrics are famous for their durability & UV protection feature. That’s why they’re used in various sectors, including transportation, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, & so on. We can custom-create PVC-coated fabrics as per your size or design requirements & install them on your property in no time.


We process heavy-duty PVC-coated fabrics into woven, customizable materials. Our clients then use these materials to create a variety of flexible & protective structures.
You can use our PVC-coated fabrics to create tents, rainwear, tarpaulins, company equipment covers, awnings, & various other protective structures.
Our PVC-coated fabrics are famous for their “block-out” properties. They can completely block out rain, wind, sunlight, UV rays, dust, & other pollutants. That’s why when you install Iron Mart’s PVC-coated fabrics on your property, you’re always on the safe side!

Design Features

We are a direct importer & sourcer of premium-grade raw fabrics. Our design team uses this raw material to create ready-to-use PVC-coated fabric sheets & products.

  • We use high-frequency welding to make sure that the seams of PVC-coated fabric sheets & products are 100% resistant to wear and tear. They are also waterproof and great for bad weather.
  • Once our PVC-coated fabric sheets & products are processed, we send them to our dying and embossing experts. They transform plain PVC-coated fabric sheets & products into fine items with appealing colors and embossing. They offer the perfect mix of protection, durability, & aesthetic appeal.
  • Our PVC-coated fabric sheets & products are extremely flexible. They can be rolled up, folded, extended, or maneuvered in different ways without tearing or heavy creasing.
Why Iron Mart?

With experience, comes reliability. Whether you’re looking to buy PVC-coated fabrics for a production run or to create protective covers for your construction site: we have you covered. We can create the exact product you need in no time. Being the leading fabrics manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we’ve helped countless local home & business owners. Call or email us now to join our long list of treasured customers!

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