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Residential Decoration

Make your home classy by getting end-to-end, personalized residential decoration services from the best interior designers in Kolkata. Homeowners are great at visualizing how their rooms should look like. But, they don’t have the skills to actualize their visions & ideas. That’s where  Iron Mart’s team of interior design experts can make a huge difference. We can translate your interior décor vision into reality.

We create home spaces that are intricately tailored to the tastes and lifestyle requirements of our clients. Iron Mart is proud to employ the best interior designers in Kolkata. These experienced pros know how to balance visual appeal with functional facilities.  


Here are some reasons why so many homeowners consider us to be the best interior designer in Kolkata:

  • Single Point-of-Contact: From material selection to vendor management to site supervision: our team will serve as the single point of contact for all your requirements
  • Quality Assurance: We’re not only the best interior designer in West Bengal, but we’re also the strictest when it comes to quality checks. Every raw material we use undergoes multiple quality checks. These checks ensure that our installations are always reliable in terms of quality.
  • 4-Step Plan: Our interior décor services can be divided into four stages. First, we’ll understand your needs & preferences (both functional & aesthetic). Then, our designers create unique interior design plans. Next comes execution. Once the work is completed, we’ll hand over your transformed home, exactly as we envisioned in the first stage.

Why Iron Mart ?

Being the best interior designer in West Bengal for many years, we’ve served clients from all economic/social backgrounds. We have a wide range of interior design solutions & products for every budget.  Iron Mart also has a perfect track record of completing interior décor projects on time. Call us now to learn more about our residential decoration services.

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