Bullnose Awnings

Get instant protection from the harsh climate with strong, durable, & low-cost bullnose awnings.

Bullnose awnings are easy to operate & have simple designs. But, when it comes to providing protection from the elements, they’re the best. Our premium-grade bullnose awnings also have sleek & stylish designs that can light up any outdoor area.


A longtime favorite of architects and exterior designers, bullnose awnings are multipurpose tools. These structures are incredibly visually appealing and boost the aesthetic appeal of any property. Our bullnose awnings also provide maximum protection from the sun and rain.

Design Features

Being the leading Bullnose awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we supply a variety of awnings to both commercial & residential property owners. Bullnose awnings are by far the most popular solar shades among our customers. Here’s why:

  • Our bullnose awnings are available in a wide array of fascia colors. We use special fabrics & dyes to mitigate the effects of the harsh Indian weather. The aesthetic appeal of our bullnose awnings doesn’t fade away easily.
  • As the most highly-rated Bullnose awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we’re always innovating with new designs & construction styles. Our latest range of bullnose awnings come with multi-rib cross sections that make them extremely wind & storm-resistant.
  • Our bullnose awnings are made of rigid frames & UV-resistant fabrics. They can endure years of exposure to extreme heat, UV rays, heavy winds, & rain.
Why Iron Mart?

Being the top Bullnose awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal, we’ve supplied several customized bullnose awnings to restaurants, hotels, stores, showrooms, and homes in the past. We know how to manufacture & install these structures exactly as per our clients’ requirements.

Allow Iron Mart, the most reliable bullnose awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal to upgrade your property’s privacy, sun protection, & aesthetic appeal. Call us now to get premium-grade bullnose awnings at discount prices!

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