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  • Tents

    Event Tents

    These commercial-grade tents offer the perfect combination of style & shade at events, weddings, & outside crowded business places.
    Need a classy shade solution for an outdoor event? Iron Mart’s premium, UV-resistant event tents offer maximum protection from rain & sunlight. In addition to protecting people at outdoor events, these stunning tents are also highly pleasing to the eyes.


    Are you looking for event tents for a festival, concert, or outdoor advertising opportunities? Iron Mart, the most highly-rated event tents manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, has got you covered. We provide tents for all types of outdoor events.

    Design Features

    Our event tents are made to last. They’re also extremely easy to set up. Our design team can customize your event tents and even custom-print artwork, advertising messages, branding elements, etc., on the tents. Here’s why we’re the most in-demand tents manufacturer and installer in West Bengal:

    • Our tents come in custom sizes. Regardless of their sizes, they’re always easy to set up because they feature flexible, rust-resistant frames.
    • We use commercial-grade polyester & PVC materials to make our tents. These durable fabrics can easily block out sunlight, rain, heavy winds, etc.
    • We offer custom printing. The entire tent or any walls of your tent can be custom-printed with photographic images, artwork, & gradients.
    • Our event tents are washable & reusable. You can wash them in cold water. Use milder detergents, not bleach or heavy-duty commercial detergents.
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  • Tents

    Wedding Tents

    Add a touch of luxury, cheerfulness, & pure delight to your wedding day by installing these classic wedding tents.
    Planning an outdoor wedding? Add luxury & functionality to the event by installing these classy wedding tents. These premium-grade tents don’t just look amazing. They’re also spacious, ultra-durable, & weather-resistant.


    There are a lot of things that can go wrong at outdoor weddings. Our weather-resistant wedding tents are designed to resist the worst-case scenarios. They look like pieces of art but are built with amazing durability & strength. They’re also very flexible & easy to set up & uninstall.

    Design Features

    Iron Mart is the leading wedding tents manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. Every year, our custom-made tents help thousands of families & wedding planners host private, fun-filled, & accident-free events. That’s because our tents have innovative design features such as:

    • Flexible, Rust-Resistant Frames: We’re one of the longest-serving wedding tents manufacturer and installer in Kolkata because we sell the most long-lasting products. Our wedding tents feature flexible & rust-resistant metal frames. These frames are rigid enough to hold up the heavy, ultra-durable, polyester tent fabrics for several years.
    • Flexible Designs: Being the #1 wedding tents manufacturer and installer in West Bengal, we’ve provided our services for themed weddings, outdoor weddings, traditional weddings, beach weddings, & even small-scale home weddings. We can customize your wedding tents to ensure they match your event’s décor & vibe.
    • Installation Assistance: We understand that wedding events come with huge logistical challenges. That’s why we offer timely & trouble-free installations for all our clients.
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