Vertical Awnings

Get a combination of style & sun-shading with precision-engineered vertical awnings from Iron Mart.

Shield your property from rain, sunlight, & the prying eyes of those outside by installing vertical awnings. Our customized vertical awnings don’t just look classy. They’re also the perfect tools for controlling how much natural light enters your property.


Iron Mart’s vertical awnings combine style with functionality. Not only do these classy awnings look immaculate, but they also have excellent sun-shading properties. But, what makes our awnings special, is their unique designs.

Design Features

Being the leading Vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we’ve always used advanced fabrics to create our products. These fabrics are tear-resistant, water-resistant, & UV-resistant. That’s why our awnings are so durable.

  • Our vertical awnings can withstand years of sun, water, & weather damage. They feature precision-engineered motors made of marine-grade components. These components last for several years & make these awnings awfully smooth & easy to use.
  • You can adjust the position of these vertical awnings based on the weather conditions. Roll them out whenever there’s harsh sunlight or rainfall outside. Roll them up just as effortlessly whenever the weather outside is good.
  • We’re the number one vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. That’s because our vertical awnings are diverse in their functionalities. They can be used & installed outside windows, in small patio spaces, & in terrace spaces.
Why Iron Mart?

As the most highly-rated vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal, we’ve supplied our products to several home and business owners across the state. We know how to create safe, intimate, and visually stunning shading systems.

If your property needs a cost-effective, long-lasting, and visually stunning shading solution, team up with the top Vertical awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal now. Contact Iron Mart’s customer service team and let’s set up a no-fee consultation session!

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