Retractable Awnings

Get instant sun protection, cooling, & shade. Optimize your outdoor space with functional and stylish retractable awnings.

High-quality materials, sleek construction, & stylish design. Get guaranteed protection from the elements by installing premium-grade retractable awnings on your private or commercial property. Our awning designs are suitable for any outdoor area.


Iron Mart is the leading Retractable awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal. We supply custom-made retractable awnings to private & commercial properties throughout the state. Being the most reliable Retractable awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we pride ourselves on delivering shading systems that enhance property value.


Design Features

Our design team has years of industry experience, and a strong focus on innovation. We use cutting-edge design mechanisms to manufacture and install our retractable awnings. That’s why our custom awnings are not one-size-fits-all. They’re guaranteed to blend in with your outdoor space.

  • Our functional, stylish, & easy-to-operate retractable awnings are made using premium-grade metal & fabric components. They’re as long-lasting as they’re stylish.
  • Sunlight when you want it. Shade when you don’t. Our retractable awnings open/close instantly, offering instant comfort at your convenience.
  • We use UV-resistant fabrics to create our awnings. They provide 100% UV-protection for your outdoor spaces & furniture items.
  • We can customize your awnings with special colors or branding elements. Use it to visually impress & attract people to your business.
Why Iron Mart?

Iron Mart’s retractable awnings transform unused outdoor spaces into cool relaxation spots. What makes us the best Retractable awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata is our ability to imagine, design, manufacture, & complete custom projects.

We’ve supplied retractable awnings to homeowners, restaurateurs, small business owners, landscapers, & various other types of customers. You can always rely on the most highly-rated Retractable awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal to design, manufacture, and install the right retractable awnings system for your property.

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