HDPE Fabrics

Add an impermeable layer of sun, wind, rain, & dust protection to your property with heavy-duty knitted HDPE Fabrics.
Is your residential/commercial property experiencing wind, rain, hail, or UV radiation damage? Use heavy-duty, knitted high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabrics to create super-strong protection layers over your property. From malls to construction sites: we deliver custom-sized HDPE fabrics that are suitable for all applications.


High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE is one of the most stress-resistant materials in the world. You can use HDPE fabrics to create shade structures, protective coverings, shade sails, tents, rainwear, tarpaulins, pitch covers, and more.
We supply exactly the quantity of HDPE fabrics that are required for your application. Our customers always save a lot of money & hassle by placing highly-specific, custom orders.

Design Features

Iron Mart’s HDPE fabrics are the number one choice for large commercial projects. From construction sites to manufacturing plants to outdoor commercial hubs: our HDPE fabrics are used everywhere. That’s because:

  • To create our HDPE fabrics, we first extrude molten thermoplastic polymers into long, single filaments. These filaments are then processed on spinnerets. Spinnerets pull the yarns, drawing them out as they cool. This drawing-out process increases the filaments’ strength & flexibility.
  • Our custom-woven HDPE fabrics come with special protective coatings. These coatings make these fabrics incredibly UV-resistant. Our HDPE fabrics offer maximum protection from both UVA & UVB radiation.
  • Unlike PVC or PTFE fabrics, HDPE is extremely economical. That’s why it’s easier for our clients to order these fabrics in bulk. They use our fabrics to create custom fabric structures of various sizes, shapes, & scopes. Our flexible HDPE fabrics are very easy to maneuver & customize.
Why Iron Mart?

We’re also the market leader in designing & engineering HDPE fabrics. Our fabric design team has extensive project experience. We’re open to offering all types of custom fabric design solutions to address your requirements.
We offer extremely competitive prices on our fabrics & we cater to customers of all scopes/sizes. If you’re in the market for high-quality HDPE fabrics for commercial/residential purposes, call or email us now!

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