Wedding Tents

Add a touch of luxury, cheerfulness, & pure delight to your wedding day by installing these classic wedding tents.
Planning an outdoor wedding? Add luxury & functionality to the event by installing these classy wedding tents. These premium-grade tents don’t just look amazing. They’re also spacious, ultra-durable, & weather-resistant.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong at outdoor weddings. Our weather-resistant wedding tents are designed to resist the worst-case scenarios. They look like pieces of art but are built with amazing durability & strength. They’re also very flexible & easy to set up & uninstall.

Design Features

Iron Mart is the leading wedding tents manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. Every year, our custom-made tents help thousands of families & wedding planners host private, fun-filled, & accident-free events. That’s because our tents have innovative design features such as:

  • Flexible, Rust-Resistant Frames: We’re one of the longest-serving wedding tents manufacturer and installer in Kolkata because we sell the most long-lasting products. Our wedding tents feature flexible & rust-resistant metal frames. These frames are rigid enough to hold up the heavy, ultra-durable, polyester tent fabrics for several years.
  • Flexible Designs: Being the #1 wedding tents manufacturer and installer in West Bengal, we’ve provided our services for themed weddings, outdoor weddings, traditional weddings, beach weddings, & even small-scale home weddings. We can customize your wedding tents to ensure they match your event’s décor & vibe.
  • Installation Assistance: We understand that wedding events come with huge logistical challenges. That’s why we offer timely & trouble-free installations for all our clients.
Why Iron Mart?

Being the most highly-rated wedding tents manufacturer and installer in Kolkata is a great honor. Every year, we serve thousands of families & make their special days a little extra special. We hope to do the same with you. Please call us now to discuss your wedding tent-related requirements!

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