Acrylic Fabrics

Premium-grade, waterproof acrylic fabrics are available in a wide range of sizes, stripes, & colors.
Give your property ultimate protection from external elements. Use Iron Mart’s waterproof acrylic fabrics to create custom drapes, outdoor cushion covers, awnings, upholstery, and lots more. Our acrylic fabrics come with guarantees of quality right down to the last thread.


Explore the most extensive range of premium-grade Acrylic fabrics from the most highly-rated fabrics installer in West Bengal: Iron Mart. For the past decade, we’ve supplied novelty acrylic fabrics to business leaders, property managers, local designers, and other entities.
Our custom-designed acrylic fabrics empower local users to create their own drapes, outdoor cushion covers, upholstery, awnings, & various other protective items. The premium-grade acrylic fabrics are also used to make tents, rainwear, tarpaulins (for transport), & pitch covers (at construction sites).

Design Features

Being the leading fabrics installer in West Bengal, it’s easy for us to source premium-grade acrylic fabrics from the top raw materials suppliers. Our fabric experts then process the fabrics to make them fit for commercial use.

  • We first wash & treat the acrylic fabrics to make them more flexible. With flexibility comes toughness. You can use, reuse, & repurpose our acrylic fabrics for several years.
  • We add coatings to make our fabrics waterproof, dirt-resistant, super-strong, & UV-resistant. Our coated acrylic fabrics offer ultimate durability & reusability. That’s why they’re used as industry-grade tarpaulins & equipment covers.
  • We are also known for being the most experienced printed fabrics manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. Our acrylic fabrics come in various colors, prints, & designs. They’re ideal for curtaining & upholstery. They offer the perfect mix of protection & aesthetic appeal.
Why Iron Mart?

Iron Mart has been one of the most reputable fabrics installers in Kolkata for several years. We are a direct importer & we’re able to control all facets of our fabric manufacturing processes. This means we’re able to implement strict quality control measures at every step of the manufacturing process.
From thread counts to dye lots: every inch of our acrylic fabric products is consistent in quality. That’s why the brand name “Iron Mart” is synonymous with re-order ability. We maintain a large inventory of premium-grade acrylic fabrics. We can custom-create & install any acrylic fabric structure or product of your liking in no time.

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