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Commercial Decoration

Create people-centric commercial spaces & reflect your brand’s image, visuals, & vibes with professional commercial decoration services.  Iron Mart leverages an extensive network of raw materials suppliers, design engineers, & interior décor specialists to provide premium-grade commercial decoration services. We can transform your office, store, or place of business into an elegant & functional space in no time.

 Iron Mart creates stylish & sustainable commercial spaces for businesses in various sectors including hospitality, office buildings, retail, & more. Being the best interior designer in Kolkata, we provide end-to-end services. From visualizing your future commercial space to sourcing raw materials to handling on-site installations, we do it all.


We employ the best interior designers in Kolkata who know how to combine thoughtful space planning with affordable and innovative design solutions. Here’s a brief look at how our commercial decoration services function:

  • Pre-Décor Planning: This planning stage includes functions like performing compliance reviews, conducting building evaluations, real estate assessments, test-fit planning, & visioning sessions. By the end of this stage, our designers will have a clear idea of your design requirements.
  • Design: Now’s the time to finalize the designs. This process includes selecting lighting designs, material & finish selections, space-planning, & completing the design development process.
  • Execution: Our designers will be on-site, executing everything as per plan & schedule. From managing vendors to assisting with artwork & accessory installations, they’ll do it all.

Why Iron Mart ?

 Iron Mart is not only the best interior designer in West Bengal in terms of customer ratings, but we’re also one of the most experienced. Over the years, our design team has transformed several malls, restaurants, retail stores, & office spaces into visually & functionally cohesive spaces. We can do the same for you. Team up with the best interior designer in West Bengal to transform your commercial space. Call us now!

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