Tensile Awnings

Beautify your property’s entrance or backyard area with custom-designed, visually stunning, and UV-resistant tensile awnings.

Classy tensile awnings can instantly beautify your patio’s entryway, patio, or atrium. Our walkway tensile awnings are made of colorful, waterproof, & sun-resistant fabrics. They’ll not only beautify your property’s outdoor spaces, but they’ll also protect it from the elements.


Being the leading Tensile awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we’ve supplied top-quality tensile awnings to a variety of property owners. You’ll find our tensile awnings installed outside playgrounds, amphitheaters, college campuses, restaurants, industrial spaces, & residential buildings.

Design Features

Being a trusted Tensile awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata, we have always taken care of quality at every step. Our fabrics can combat water, wear and tear, and UV rays. That’s why we score high in durability.

  • The premium-grade fabrics and corrosion-coated metal components are extremely sturdy and durable. These awnings won’t lose their shape or aesthetic appeal, even after years of withstanding sunlight damage, storms, heavy winds, etc.
  • Our products offer both beauty and functionality. Our awnings are PVC-coated, waterproof, UV-resistant, flame-retardant, & high-gloss embossed for maximum visual appeal.
  • Our tensile awnings offer shade during hot summers. They also keep temperatures under control during storms. These weather-resistant features make them the best add-on items for your property.
Why Iron Mart?

Iron Mart has consistently been the most highly-rated tensile awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata. From parks to shopping malls to office buildings to residential properties – our tensile awnings can be found everywhere. They are loved by our customers for their extreme durability & aesthetic appeal.

Need to upgrade your property’s exterior spaces? Team up with the best Tensile awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal now. Connect with us now for a consultation. We will custom-create & install strong, flexible, durable, & visually stunning tensile awnings outside your property in no time!

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