Terrace Awnings

Give your terrace premium-grade protection from the elements with classy, timeless, and sun-resistant terrace awnings.

Terrace awnings are ideal for small & large terraces. Our terrace awnings feature high-quality fabrics & light, corrosion-resistant metal components. They can transform your sunny terrace into a cool relaxation spot in an instant.


Trying to relax on your terrace but bad weather conditions are ruining your day? Allow Iron Mart, the most highly-rated Terrace awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata to help you out. We design, manufacture, & install premium-grade tensile awnings all across the city.

Design Features

We are the best terrace Terrace awnings manufacturer and installer in Kolkata because our products come with guarantees of success. From office buildings to residential properties – our high-quality terrace awnings have added shade, privacy, & aesthetic appeal to all types of buildings.

  • We use the latest fabric design technologies to create UV-resistant fabrics for our tensile awnings. These fabrics are 100% tear-proof, waterproof, & UV-resistant.
  • Our awnings have robust construction. They require little to no maintenance. Just clean them regularly & they’ll last for several years.
  • Our awnings have a sleek, modern, & elegant design. No matter where you install them, these sleek structures will always look stunning. They’ll offer total protection from sunlight during day time. In the evenings, they’ll keep harsh winds & rainfall away.
Why Iron Mart?

Iron Mart is the leading terrace Terrace awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal. We’ve been supplying our terrace awnings to homeowners, business owners, schools, & restaurants for several years. We know what it takes to create a safe, protected space outdoors.

If you want to upgrade your property’s outdoor spaces, team up with the most highly-rated Terrace awnings manufacturer and installer in West Bengal right now. Gives us a call & we’ll design, manufacture, & install the perfect terrace awnings for your property.

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