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    Acrylic Fabrics

    Premium-grade, waterproof acrylic fabrics are available in a wide range of sizes, stripes, & colors.
    Give your property ultimate protection from external elements. Use Iron Mart’s waterproof acrylic fabrics to create custom drapes, outdoor cushion covers, awnings, upholstery, and lots more. Our acrylic fabrics come with guarantees of quality right down to the last thread.


    Explore the most extensive range of premium-grade Acrylic fabrics from the most highly-rated fabrics installer in West Bengal: Iron Mart. For the past decade, we’ve supplied novelty acrylic fabrics to business leaders, property managers, local designers, and other entities.
    Our custom-designed acrylic fabrics empower local users to create their own drapes, outdoor cushion covers, upholstery, awnings, & various other protective items. The premium-grade acrylic fabrics are also used to make tents, rainwear, tarpaulins (for transport), & pitch covers (at construction sites).

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  • Fabrics

    HDPE Fabrics

    Add an impermeable layer of sun, wind, rain, & dust protection to your property with heavy-duty knitted HDPE Fabrics.
    Is your residential/commercial property experiencing wind, rain, hail, or UV radiation damage? Use heavy-duty, knitted high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabrics to create super-strong protection layers over your property. From malls to construction sites: we deliver custom-sized HDPE fabrics that are suitable for all applications.


    High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE is one of the most stress-resistant materials in the world. You can use HDPE fabrics to create shade structures, protective coverings, shade sails, tents, rainwear, tarpaulins, pitch covers, and more.
    We supply exactly the quantity of HDPE fabrics that are required for your application. Our customers always save a lot of money & hassle by placing highly-specific, custom orders.

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  • Fabrics

    PVC Coated Fabrics

    Use heavy-duty, rip-resistant PVC fabrics to create fire-retardant shading structures, commercial-grade tents, & more.
    Our PVC-coated fabrics are famous for their durability & UV protection feature. That’s why they’re used in various sectors, including transportation, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, & so on. We can custom-create PVC-coated fabrics as per your size or design requirements & install them on your property in no time.


    We process heavy-duty PVC-coated fabrics into woven, customizable materials. Our clients then use these materials to create a variety of flexible & protective structures.
    You can use our PVC-coated fabrics to create tents, rainwear, tarpaulins, company equipment covers, awnings, & various other protective structures.
    Our PVC-coated fabrics are famous for their “block-out” properties. They can completely block out rain, wind, sunlight, UV rays, dust, & other pollutants. That’s why when you install Iron Mart’s PVC-coated fabrics on your property, you’re always on the safe side!

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  • Fabrics

    PVDF Coated Fabrics

    Get a brand-new, cutting-edge material that can give your property maximum protection from outdoor elements.
    Make your shading structures stronger from the inside. Use PVDF-coated fabrics to create shading & protective structures with enhanced, UV, mold, fire, & water resistance for your property. From residential awnings to factory equipment covers, Iron Mart’s custom PVDF-coated fabrics are used in a number of important applications.


    Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF is a relatively new coating agent in the market. It’s used to manufacture malleable, yet ultra-durable plastic materials. These materials are then used to create high-quality shading & protective structures.
    Being the leading fabrics installer in West Bengal, Iron Mart is proud to introduce this unique product to the local market.
    We supply custom-sized PVDF-coated fabric products & sheets. Our customers use these ultra-durable fabrics to make tents, awnings, tarpaulins for transport, pitch covers at construction sites, & protective shading systems.

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